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                     MY MOST FAVORITE SONG --- "My Song"--- My version
       (Has been for many years)
                                      "I  SEARCH  FOR  TOMORROW"

I search for tomorrow

But all I find is yesterday

A bland world with shades of grey

I say, go away

And I look for a starship

To brighten the way, for tomorrow  


I search for tomorrow

In the fallen world of the here and now

Dirty and brown

Can one be found?

Could be a beautiful sheen

Filled with the dream, for tomorrow    

And in my search I seek a meaning

That is hid somewhere in the heavens

But I'm here stuck on earth

I've got to find the reason

Why am I here?

What am I worth?   

I search for tomorrow

But will tomorrow ever come?

Will the night never end?

I'm groping forever in the dark

But I go on hoping...

Will the dawn, bring the light of tomorrow?   

I search for tomorrow

Among the shadows of what might be

Shapeless and fleeting

I cannot see

What can I touch

That longs so much, for tomorrow?

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Song from Paul Evans and Paul Parnes

Leonard Nimoy's music albums

He was a great singer.

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