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This "Video" is very important to me: For it represents an era in my life that was very dark and difficult, and was sort of a "point of no return" for me that I was forever to remain a virgin. But I didn't know it then, for I continued to have hope that someday I would get a girlfriend. Like an insect getting caught in a jar, not knowing that it will never get out.

Shoot me now, or shoot me later, does it matter? Unless something important happens, my life is mostly over. 


I'm very smart, but people don't see that. They have it all wrong about what being smart is: They think that if a person can do things in the world, or can make plenty of money, or is popular, or knows a lot, or is well liked by a lot of people, or in a high position, or... then they think that that person must be smart. 

That's not what smartness is. 

My problem "in a nutshell" is that I live in a world full of stupid humans. Humans destroy everything given enough time. They poison the air, poison the land, poison the water, poison our food, they poisoned me. But it's not all poison --- there are viruses in the world...the world is a crappy place. 

And to this day, humans are so stupid or ignorant, that they have not learned that aluminum is a poison, and therefore should be kept away from food and drink. 

And by the way, they destroyed Star Trek, and Doctor who being the better show, they wrecked that also -- it's bad enough trying to keep track of who The Doctor is, without changing him into a woman -- big mistake. And that Star Trek Discovery is a putrid show that has nothing to do with preserving Humanity. 

I'm a lot smarter... 

And yet, the only thing that my smartness has done for me in my lifetime, is keep me alive when most people would have died, because they're not smart enough to have lived through the crap that I've had to. 

Humans are so stupid that they don't know where money comes from. 

If a person is smart, that doesn't mean that that person is going to have money. No one in the world can do everything. NOT ONE PERSON ALONE IN THIS WORLD CAN MAKE MONEY. AND NO ONE HAS. Although there are people who think that they did it all themselves, hence the saying or title; "self-made millionaire". There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire, but if there could be such a thing, then I would probably be the richest person on this planet. No one can do it all-alone. No one on this planet could, to name a few; design and build his own house, design and build one's own car, grow one's own cotton and make one's own clothes, grow and cook one's own food, make one's own soap, make one's own comb, and about a million other things in a person's life. I've been cutting my own hair for decades, and most people don't do a simple thing like that. And even when a person tries to actually make their own money, they must rely on other people to supply the paper, the ink and the machine and whatever else is needed, in order to be able to make it. So only making counterfeit money a person will need a lot of help from others. 

So it takes many people for any one person to achieve anything. So take the dumbest guy in the world, give him plenty of help, and he could be rich. And take the smartest person in the world, burden him down with some bad things, and give him no help, and he will never achieve any success in his lifetime. 

So it really irks me when people think that well to do people are smart, and the opposite, that people who are not well to do or are asking for help in some way, are not smart. As if if they were smart, then they wouldn't need any help from anyone. How incredibly stupid for a person to think that! 

Humans are stupid! 

Some years ago I was going to the "First Friday" event in Phoenix looking for and trying to attract someone to help me in what I'm trying to do. On this one night, a woman came to talk to me. But despite her being very impressed with my Starship Package, when I told her that I was smart, she immediately said to me; "Then what are you doing here?" As if only dumb people need help!!! And as if I was smart, money would magically appear and so I would not need to be there trying to get help. 

Humans are stupid! 

I see things all around me almost every day that make me disgusted with humans. 

They can go to the moon, but they don't know how to design a bar of soap. 

They can made jet engines, but no one seems to be able to make a good fly swatter. 

They make houses all over the place, but no one makes a house that insects can't easily get into. 

They don't know how to design computers. 

They don't know how to design bicycles, which has been a sore point with me for a very long time. For I have been one of the best bicycle drivers in the world. The basic problem is they design a bicycle as a toy, rather than a vehicle for transportation. 

My list goes on and on -- the daily things that bothers me to no end. 

I could do a lot of things... but no one helps me -- I can't do it alone.

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