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       The house I live in, I've been there for about 10 years. The family has known that I've had problems all of my life, and this is why they got me this house. The house was to be mine, I was to be the owner.    

       They told me; move into this house, this is your house until you die. They gave me no do's or don'ts, except to take care of the property, and nothing in writing, I never signed anything.     

       Through the years, I've taken care of the place, but it was getting messier and messier around the place, and it's not only the place that's messy, my whole life is a mess, for I have been a failure my entire life, despite my best efforts. But Eric wouldn't know psychology if it bit him. Then the weeds got very bad from the rain. Several years ago the weeds got bad from rain, and I got rid of all of them, and I did not need any help doing that.

       For 10 years Eric has not been concerned about the place, and he was not telling me to clean the place up. But the day came, when Eric went totally mentally unbalanced, this was March 26. On this day, he had already barged his way into my place sooner than I was brought home, forcing his way through a locked gate, and taking down my fence, and was getting rid of some of my things and causing damage to the place, without having said a word about this to me ahead of time. He was acting like he owned the place and therefore could do whatever he wanted without telling me first. Eric was treating me like I was a totally helpless person and so he had to do it all for me, as if I have not been taking care of the place for the last 10 years. And he was telling me that I had done nothing but wreck the place, and that all the surrounding properties were well kept, and in pristine condition, and that mine was the only one that was bad.      

       He was only to put in a new water heater and stop a water leak, that's all I thought he was going to do. I did not need any other help to do anything else.      

       But he had gotten rid of some of my things, including a number of my seats out in the yard that I need for sitting on, to rest. He kept griping that my yard needs to be mowed, but with the bulldozer, he made the yard front and rear unmowable. And he scraped the bark off of two trees, destroyed my parking spot that I had built, plowed out my Lantana "tree" bush, and other things. When I complained about my special bush, he said in an angry voice; "You mean that weed?!" The man does not know the difference between a weed and a bush!      

       Every chance he gets he loves to tell me that he helped me with this, and helped me with that. But what is that, like 15 times in 50 years? That would be an average of 3 helps every 10 years. When I ask for help, he usually says no. So I mostly stopped asking him for help years ago.        

       In the coming weeks, Eric got far worse. And giving me only 30 days to clean the place up. Only 30 days, to clean up more than 10 years of mess. Why the mad rush now? Why wait 10 years, and then suddenly to give me only 30 days? Where was he all through the years?       

       Eric knows that I have a lot of problems, that I've been poor for most of my life, and that I can't do what most people can do. But that makes no difference to him. He wants me to do a tremendous amount of work in an impossibly short time. And he doesn't give me any help; his idea of help is to destroy things.       

       This is a scary man, he comes and does whatever he wants. The man is unbalanced, this became more and more apparent. He has mental illnesses, including narcissism. He's been on my back, driving me into the ground, not letting me do what I need to do to take care of myself, making my life into a living hell, not caring anything about me, only what he wants and what he thinks is best. He is so bad, that I needed to be very careful when I talk to him. He cares nothing about what I say, and if I say the wrong thing, then it's like lighting the fuse to a bomb, he explodes with his hate speech against me. This can go on for 30 minutes or more, telling me that I'm good for nothing, I never learned anything, I don't know anything, and so forth. Making me feel very bad, and some of the time making me feel sick inside, and sometimes I have suicidal thoughts, as a result. It got so bad, that I was hoping that I could get diagnosed with a few months to live, so that I could die in peace with Eric off my back.     

       Whenever he does anything to me, instead of it speeding me up, he's slowing me down. And he made me sick for a week. He's been forcing me into doing things, including things I don't know how to do. Such as he was forcing me to sell my cars. I managed to sell one car, but it turned out later that it was not my car to sell, I was not the owner. He's been severely abusing me with his hate speech and his threats. Only the phone ringing makes me cringe, because it might be him.  

       His illogical reasoning for all of this is; someone is going to come and fall down, and sue him. He's going to lose his insurance. The city is going to site him. None of these things are going to happen, and they haven't happened for all of these years. These are irrational fears, caused by his mental illness. He was telling me he was worried that he might need to pay a bit more for insurance. But he also told me that he spent $10,000 on a birthday party. And yet when I ask him for money, he says no. This man has had everything a man could want in life, while I've been poor.  He's never learned to live on very little money, as I have had to do, and he knows only one way to do things, which is his way.      

       This is at the end of my life, and I am now in the worst crisis of my life: I must find an income, and I must get my book published, and I need to get my bad teeth worked on. Whatever Eric says here today, has no importance whatsoever, because if I don't find an income, nothing else matters, because I have only a few more months at best to live. If he wins against me, I can tell you now, that that will be my end, because he won't let me find an income or let me publish my book, or get my teeth worked on, because he cares nothing about me, only what he thinks and what he thinks is best. It would be different if he gave me any actual help, but he gives me nothing, nothing but misery. And when I tell him that I'm running out of money, he is so incredibly arrogant and know it all, that he tells me that I have plenty of money. He does nothing to help me.      

       The fact that Eric is here today, proves that he cares nothing about me.    

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